Photo Investments

Backyard Adventure

"A good friend listens to your adventures, a best friend makes them with you." And we are about to be best friends!

-Pre consultation
-90 minutes
-45+ images
-One set location (Girdwood, AK to Talkeetna, AK)
-Two outfits


Destination Adventure

"So much world, so little time." So let's document and hold onto that little piece of time for forever and ever.

-Pre consultation
-90 minutes
-45+ images
-Once set location (within 4 hours of Wasilla, AK)
-Three outfits


Family Portraits

Your family is constantly growing and changing; documenting all the milestones are so so important!

-Pre consultation
-120 minutes
-60+ images
-One set location (Girdwood, AK to Talkeetna, AK)
*For families of 4 and bigger*



I offer T H R E E customizable wedding investments. All of them include the guarantee that your special day will be captured beautifully and you will be able to relive it forever.

Starting at $1700 - $4500


I also offer business investments; I love supporting local businesses of all trades. If you have any questions or would like to inquire about a business branding session, email me!

This is about you; this is about telling your story.

Having your photos taken can be nerve racking. I am here to make the posing easy, the laughter natural, and when you leave our session together your cup is nothing less than full.

"I am just so awkward in front of the camera!"

Hey, it's okay! I am too! Yes even me, the biggest weirdo you will ever meet!

I will guide you through poses and prompts that make it so easy to be yourselves, you'll be looking at your photos thinking," Awkward, WHO!?"

My motto is 'holistically captured' and I stand by that 100%. I encourage anyone and everyone that steps in front of my camera to be weird, make those silly noises or faces, don't over think your outfits, wear what you feel most comfortable in and if you need any help deciding ask me! I love fashion and I am an expert at color matching! Bring any props or important items you would like to include in your session, and do not be afraid to simply be yourself. This is Y O U R story.

Booking Process

How do I book you!?

Easy! You can fill out the form on my contact page here on my website, you can email me directly, or you can find me on Instagram (@northphotographyllc) and directly message me there. I usually take about 24 hours to answer inquires, I will A L W A Y S get back to you! (I do take most weekends off but always reply by that following Monday)

How do the consultations work??

The pre consultations will be done over the phone. We can do just a phone call or a face time call, make it feel like we are sitting at a cafe drinking coffee and talking hehe. These are to help us get to know each other a little better and for me to make sure I come to our photo session 110% prepared!

What can I expect at our session!?

So. Many. Belly. LAUGHS! I am terrible at jokes but wonderful at being awkward enough to make you giggle at least once hehe. If you have any insecurities you would like me to know about, tell me- you're human and we all have our things. I want to make you feel comfortable and beautiful; no negative talk in front of my camera! If there are any specific photos you would like me to capture, tell me and I will take photos that will absolutely blow you away. I may be a goofball but I am a professional!

When can I expect my gallery!?

I usually try (heavy on the try) to send a good handful of sneak peeks 3-4 days after your session. Depending on the session and season, my turn around time can range from three to six weeks. I try to get them to your inboxes as fast as I can, I know the anticipation is killer!

“Photography is a love affair with life.”